Library Rules

• Silence shall be observed strictly in the library.
• Food and drinks are not allowed in the library.
• Books other than reference books will be issued to student member on loan for a period of 14 days. Books borrowed may be re-issued if, the books are not required by others.
• Personal books, files and articles will be allowed in reading room only. Library is not responsible for any loss of personal belongings.
• Notebooks /Register must place at the checkpoint for inspection while leaving the Library.
• To make the library environment more conducive for reading and research, gossiping, cell phone calls, sleeping, eating, drinking, smoking, chatting, and disturbing the order of library furniture is strictly prohibited.
• Underlining, marking, folding and tearing pages of library materials is prohibited.
• Leave the library materials on tables after consulting/reading.
• Observe Electronic Resource Section rules while using library computing facilities.
Disciplinary fine on the following categories:
A. Disquieting the library environment. B Mobile Use C. Bad conduct D. Regular defaulting in return. E. Damage of library resources F. violation of Library Rules
Library membership could be suspended or canceled along with a penalty in the following cases:
o Non payment of library fine(s)
o Theft of library material(s)
o Non payment of damage fine
o Non returning of the temporary issued material within due time
o mishap or mishandling of library material Membership:


o Members of the Institute Faculty, Officers and Staff. o Students on the roll of the Institute.